GPS simulation in rollbase

Posted by mayank.kumar on 05-Jul-2016 09:59

A GPS emulator through a simple map-based interface. 

I need a way to *simulate* the GPS location of vehicles in my fleet management web app . 

What is the best way to do that.

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Posted by egarcia on 05-Jul-2016 15:22


I wonder if you have considered using a Map widget such as the ones provided by Google Maps (API key required) or Map Quest.

The following page has an example for "Displaying the Result in a Map":

The Kendo UI DataViz Map provides an easy wrapper widget to visualize location data. I am guessing that you can integrate it easily with Rollbase (I have not tried it though).

See the following links for examples using Open Street Map:

I hope this helps.

Posted by Thierry Ciot on 06-Jul-2016 13:48

Not sure on your question:

1) Do you need to simulate the current GPS data

2) Do you need to access the current browser location?

For 1) above: you can add a custom javascript code to return whatever location you want to feed your map

For 2) above: you can use browser API ( to get at current geo location and feed the map with that.


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