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Posted by ionacaerex on 02-Jul-2016 04:39

This is linked to my previous showorhide post ...but I have taken another approach to try and resolve by just trying to get a message to work. It seems that none of my scripting is working - so am I doing it correctly - or is my settings/configuration incorrect. Help?

I am simply pasting the code into a scripting section of the page design and copying the same script exactly into onload section of the page properties.

Any help on this much appreciated from you experts as this is really frustrating me and hindering any further progress I can make with the Rollbase acpplication.

Thanks in advance.

  rbf_growl(Hello Title, Wales Won );


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Posted by Santosh Patel on 02-Jul-2016 08:59

it should be

rbf_growl("Hello Title", "Wales now Won");

You are missing double/single quotes in your message to the function. Javascript 101, unquoted strings will be taken as variables and hence would be undefined. I saw you mentioned been a non-techie, so we are here to help.

When scripting fails and you thought you did it right, check for errors related to your script in the browser console. Chrome's console opens with either Ctrl+Shift+i  or  F12 key

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