[4.2] - Masking of portal links embedded on a website

Posted by IramK on 01-Jul-2016 03:41


Currently when we embed a portal page in an iframe on the website, we have links that belong to the original platform rather than the website we are embedding it in. Is there an option of masking these links automatically masked based on the website the portal is embedded in.

Original Rollbase URL: www.rollbase.com/.../portal.jsp

Website URL: https://thisisatest.com/newpage

So if there are links in the iframe that allow the user to navigate to another defined portal page, the masked links should look like this.

Masked links in the iframe: https://thisisatest.com/newpage instead of the original Rollbase URL

Let me know if this is possible currently and if you have any questions.



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Posted by Santosh Patel on 15-Jul-2016 04:30

Such masking facility is not available in Rollbase. We have an item on the Roadmap related to whitelabelling that allows you to have thisisatest.com/prod/..../portal.jsp instead of www.rollbase.com/...

Posted by IramK on 15-Jul-2016 04:36

Hello Santosh,

When is that masking functionality due to be implemented and released?

Since this masking functionality is not available in Rollbase as of now, it would be a great functionality to have specially for portals as those are the ones that are usually embedded on other websites and no one would like to be redirected to a rollbase.com/portal page instead of the actual website page. Let me know what your team thinks about this and when we can expect this to be implemented.



Posted by Santosh Patel on 16-Jul-2016 01:37

I'll let our Project Manager answer on the timelines.

From what I tried out, an embedded portal's link when followed do open up in the iframe and the entire page is not navigating to a portal page. Can you confirm if that is happening for you? And if yes, can you share the HTML markup for the link in question?

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