Report in portal filter not working on CURR_VISITOR

Posted by Jorrit on 29-Jun-2016 13:06


can anybody help me.

We have 2 objects Customer and Vehicles with relationship 1 to n

The object Customer have the attribute portal visitor.

for now i want to create a report with the report builder and use a filter on customer eq curr_visitor.

This is not working.

How can i accomplish using the report with filter in portal?

Regards Jorrit

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Posted by Santosh Patel on 30-Jun-2016 01:22

Can you confirm what kind of report you are using?

Posted by Jorrit on 30-Jun-2016 06:09

Hi Santosh,

i have tried every report type, tabular, html, javascript e.t.c.

Regards Jorrit

Posted by Santosh Patel on 30-Jun-2016 06:27

Can you share one example? The report, its contents and other related configurations. How are you using the filter in portal (is it part of the report configuration or passing filter to the report using it's url)?

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