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Posted by IramK on 29-Jun-2016 09:30


I am trying to set the date of a record using the rbf_updateRecord() function but its staying empty when I use the code below.

var currentDate = new Date();

var arr = [];

arr.dateField = currentDate; // Doesn't work

rbf_updateRecord("object", id, arr, true, function postUpdateCallback() { alert("Done"); }

When I use the code below it works so I'm thinking its something to do with the format. How can I know the format that I am supposed to set in a portal page?

arr.dateField = "29/06/2016, 15:28"; // Works



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Posted by ymaisonn on 29-Jun-2016 11:44

Hi Iram,

Can you retrieve the date format from the localization settings and use rbf_formatDate()?

var locContext = pageContext .getPageLocalization();
var d = locContext.getDateFormat();
var currentDate = new Date(); arr.dateField = rbf_formatDate(currentDate,d); rbf_updateRecord("trmt", {!id}, arr, true, function postUpdateCallback() { alert("Done"); });

Posted by IramK on 30-Jun-2016 03:25

Hello [mention:c44119a881b5487780a24bdb227e8dca:e9ed411860ed4f2ba0265705b8793d05] ,

Nope, pageContext is not defined for Portal pages. So anything to do with using rb.newui... etc wouldn't work. Is there any other way of retrieving the date format in Portal pages?


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