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Posted by intekra on 23-Jun-2016 13:46

Hi All,

I have successfully created and able to generate a template for an invoice. However, I need to add some formatting to the data on the template when it is generated.

For example, my currency values that are output to the word document are displayed as 1234.00

I would like to at the least add a comma separating thousands, etc...   $1,234.00

Is there any way to add formatting to template fields such as telling it to add commas etc..



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Posted by Ajit Bansude on 23-Jun-2016 14:20

Hi intekra,

use rbf_formatCurrency() function. follow below link


Ajit Bansude

Posted by Ajit Bansude on 23-Jun-2016 14:26

Hi intekra,

you can use like below mention example in your templates.


#EVAL[var num = {!R167291344.present_market_value_};

var n = rbv_api.formatCurrency(num, "$ ", 2, ".", ","); return n;]

Ajit Bansude

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