Is it possible to auto-expand the filter on load of the page

Posted by mihai_neagoe on 22-Jun-2016 08:22


I am using Rollbase 4.2 with old UI and a Search Criteria filter type. Is there an option for the filter to auto-expand when the page loads? Currently we have a javascript that does this but it causes the page to reload so the users see a flicker when they open a page.

As example location to load directly as this:

instead of

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Posted by Sri Harsha on 28-Jun-2016 05:20

Hi Mihai,

Unfortunately, there is no way to render a page with the filter section opened. Clicking on the 'filter' does a server call to fetch the necessary details to render the filter section. That is the reason you are seeing a flicker. It actually makes a server call and re-renders the page.



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