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Posted by intekra on 17-Jun-2016 10:40


Can I use a word template for the invoice and convert to PDF and save to the record? Or does this need to be an html template to auto convert to pdf?

To save the generated template to a field on the record, how would I go about this?



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Posted by Anoop Premachandran on 17-Jun-2016 14:04

As of now we do not support converting word to pdf. You will need to use HTML template.

Posted by intekra on 19-Jun-2016 10:48

Thanks for teh confirmation. Can you look at the second part of my question, how do I go about saving the generated word template to an attachment field on a record when it is generated by a button?



Posted by Mohammed Siraj on 19-Jun-2016 12:40

Please refer documentation for trigger 'Create Template Document'. It allows you create a new Document based on a Document Template and save it to a specific File Upload field in this Record.

Posted by intekra on 20-Jun-2016 08:21

Thanks, I got that far, I am just having issues with having the new custom button run the trigger to create the document.

Can you provide me example?

Do I need to to use?

rbf_runTrigger(objName, id, triggerId, checkCondition, callback, useLegacyDateFormat)

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