Maintenance window for rollbase

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We need to reduce maintenance window and may be have to do early morning.



Some of the competitor PaSS platform they make the whole system read only during the deployment and they have 10 min downtown to switch.

By giving ready only application during maintenance at least user will able to view data. e.g right if my customer needs to see appointment detail in application, they cann't see and will have to wait until 12 PM.

Once application deployment completed switching can be quicker which will reduce the maintenance widnow.

3. Timing of deployment can be changed to early morning during off peak time.  As more ISV partner will keep building the business application depending on their target user weekend can peak hours.

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Posted by Thierry Ciot on 13-Jun-2016 10:08

We offer specific cloud instances to allow customers who desire to have a different upgrade path or upgrade path at their own pace.

Please reach out if you are interested in such a service.


Posted by on 13-Jun-2016 11:47

Thank you Thierry,

We do want to use the public instance, but was giving suggestion how some of the competitor is minimizing the down time.

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