Creating SOAP Services in Rollbase

Posted by john cruze on 10-Jun-2016 01:37

Hi All,

I am using Rollbase Private Cloud Release and I want to create and use rollbase SOAP services. Could you guys please suggest or guide me steps or document , video that helps me to create SOAP services.



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Posted by Manooj Murali on 10-Jun-2016 01:41

Hi John -

Can you take a look @ . It also has links to the SOAP API's provided by Rollbase that you can use to call out to Rollbase from your client.


Posted by john cruze on 13-Jun-2016 00:22

Hi Manooj,

Thanks for your suggestion however url that you suggest me it contains only information about API . Could you please suggest me steps that how can I initiate SOAP services.

Posted by Shiva Duriseati on 13-Jun-2016 01:05

Hi John,

Please download the WSDL file from this URL

Follow the below documentation which has detailed explanation on creating stubs(Page No 12) for reading and parsing Rollbase WSDL file with examples.Please revert back in case you need any assistance.




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