Moving from public to private (Regen of id's)

Posted by smartsysISV on 09-Jun-2016 04:46

I have a development-tenant, a test-tenant, and multiple customer tenants in the public cloud.

I want to move this to a private cloud.

Is there any possibilities to regenerate the id and original id at the new development tenant, and then generate a xml-file and install this "new" application on the test and customer tenants?

What happened with the backup (data) when i then want to restore this on the private cloud with a backup-file from the public cloud?

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Posted by Shiva Duriseati on 10-Jun-2016 04:31

Could you elaborate on regenerating ID's? The system back up file for a particular tenant can be downloaded from the same place where you have performed that operation.(System Console->Customers->Click on any customer->More options->SystemBackup).You could see the backup file as shown.

Posted by smartsysISV on 10-Jun-2016 04:44

I have 2 apps wich is developed in different tenants, and i want to move this to a new common development-tenant in a new private cloud. In theese apps some of the fields have the same original id's.

I think i need to regenerate this id's in the new dev-tenant, and install theese apps in my new prod-tenants from the new dev-tenant. But what will then happen when i restore a backup form the origibal tenants when the id's is different??

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