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Posted by on 08-Jun-2016 02:33

We are using the ISV Partner.
I have User that has certain number of different Tanents.
How can I access a particular  Tanenet using the API (from Telerik for example)
What fields that identify an individual Tanenet and where can I find them?

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Posted by Chandrasekhar Gontla on 08-Jun-2016 03:35

Hi Tehilac,

You could find Customers list page in Customers tab when logged in as ISV Partner

You need to know customer loginName and password to access his tenant data using APIs (Ex: REST or JSDO end point)

Please access the below doc links to know about them in detail

Thanks and Regards,


Posted by on 09-Jun-2016 04:19

Thanks Chandu!

My loginNAme and password is the main users for few tanents.

How can I connect to Particular tenant?


Posted by on 15-Jun-2016 02:10


I whant to clarify my question.

My user have 3 diferent tanents. I have the same App at each of the tenants.

When we connect to Telerik and pull the information, I get the information from my tenants together without separation.

How can I separate and display information only single tenant?

Hope the question is clear.

Thank you!


Posted by Karthikeyan Bhaskaran on 29-Jul-2016 11:15

If you use JSDO Catalog, and all the apps are the same, with the same JSDO catalog.

After setting up the authenticationView, in your Telerik mobile app, you will see the tenant-specific records depending upon the logged in user.

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