What is a merit/demerit when we set "AllowMultipleRest

Posted by tawatchai on 07-Jun-2016 05:14

What is a  merit/demerit when we set "AllowMultipleRestSessions" to true in shared.,properties

Thank you.

Tawatchai S.

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Posted by satyanarayana sunku on 07-Jun-2016 05:29

Hi Tawatchai,

we can use "AllowMultipleRestSessions=true' property  to login Rollbase using same user with multiple sessions through login REST API.  we can perform different operations on rollbase with each session.

This property is useful for only REST API. From UI we can not access multiple sessions with single user.



Posted by tawatchai on 13-Jun-2016 06:00

Thank you.

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