Super Admin view enhancement to see expiration and last logi

Posted by on 31-May-2016 10:20

Enhance the super admin view where you create the customer as ISV partner with following

1. View of Expiration Date of each of the zone( This is required, as number of zone increasing its difficult to know who is expiring when)

2. Report with last login of each ID for each zone(Combines report of all the zones)

This is required to see who is using the system and who is not using.

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Posted by Karthikeyan Bhaskaran on 31-May-2016 23:10
Hello Anu,
Do you have an ISV account? Please refer documentation reference:
Is this what you are looking for?
If you have an ISV account already, you can check the ISV Parner application - this should have the expiration dates for individual tenant zones. (Refer: )
For the 2nd part, Last Login is at a user-level (Subscriber), expiration date is at a tenant level (Customer), which are different objects. Not sure if this is feasible.
Posted by on 02-Jun-2016 19:06

Right now, i have to click each zone one by one to see whose account is expiring.

We have enhance the view where it shows list of customer, should have column expiration date as well

Posted by Anoop Premachandran on 03-Jun-2016 03:45

I have added Expiration Date and Last Login Time columns to the view now. Please check.

Posted by murali on 06-Jun-2016 11:50
Anu, can you please post on Ideas? We triage it at good cadence.
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