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I want to return the date from the Create At field and to insert the date to different field (with trigger).

I used this formula:

function parseDate(str) {
var mdy = str.split('-');
return new Date(mdy[0], mdy[1]-1, mdy[2]);

var dt=parseDate('{!createdAt#iso}');

and the result is always:

Wed Dec 31 1969

Create At Field is a date time field.
I'd love to know what to change in the formula to accommodate to this type of field.
attach screen shot.




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Posted by Shiva Duriseati on 31-May-2016 01:19

Hi Tehila,

If your requirement is to get date from date/time field and to store that date into differect field or object. Instead of parsing the date you can directly use the following function:

Here I am creating a date field in object "Sample" and assigning the createdAt to DateField.

rbv_api.createRecord('Sample', {'DateField':new Date("{!createdAt}")});



Posted by Mohammed Siraj on 31-May-2016 01:27

In your above stated approach, Date details like hours, minutes & seconds are lost in parsing and instantiating a new Date object. We should ideally use the following Date constructor to instantiate new Date object from individual Date units:

new Date(year, month[, day[, hour[, minutes[, seconds[, milliseconds]]]]]);

A more simpler approach to parse date string literal into Date object is:

new Date('{!createdAt#js}'); //do not use iso format, JS Date.parse function will not be able to parse it correctly

Modified example:

function parseDate(str) {

return new Date(str);


var dt = new Date('{!createdAt#js}');

// or

var dt=parseDate('{!createdAt#js}');

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Thanks you!!

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