Adding custom tab(k-item), tab link returning wrong page

Posted by clga29261 on 24-May-2016 21:02


after adding this code

jQuery('<div class="k-state-disabled" style="padding:10px 7px;background-color:#BA5350"><span style="cursor: default !important;"></b>Admission Details</b></span><div class="addIcon" style="position:absolute; right:10px !important; display: inline-block;"><strong>&#8722;</strong></div></div>').insertBefore(jQuery('li.k-item[role="tab"]:contains("Admission  Info")'));

from this image 


The problem is, when I click the admission info, it returns me to nursing assessment tab. and when I click nursing assesstment tabs, show the tab of coombe. every click of tab shows the view of next tab.

can you help me the correct way of adding custom tab where the view tab page is not affected?


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