Disable OpenEdge & DataDirect

Posted by HosnyA on 19-May-2016 07:55

I want to disable the following features in Import Appliation and Import Object pages. How can I achieve this?

 - Import Application/Object from OpenEdge Service option?

 - Import Object from DataDirect Cloud option?

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Posted by Shiva Duriseati on 20-May-2016 05:10

Hi Hosny,

Currently Rollbase doesn't support these features. But It would be good to have it in place.

Could you please create an enhancement request for this?

For detailed information on how to submit an Idea please visit our knowledgebase at: knowledgebase.progress.com/.../P11255



Posted by Shiva Duriseati on 20-May-2016 05:13

Also, could you please log a support ticket for this? It will easy for us to track the requirement.

Posted by HosnyA on 24-May-2016 05:58
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