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Posted by IramK on 18-May-2016 03:33


I have a detailed search section on the main objects list page where by I am trying to search for several related records (relationship: 1 - M) using the "Related record is one of" criteria and this search is only returning me with one of those related record results rather than all. I have tested this in both and the EAP and both behave in the same manner. Seems like a bug to me.



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Posted by Mani Kumar on 25-May-2016 07:19

Hi Iram,

I can confirm you that this is a bug and have logged a defect  # 42678 for the same.

However, can you please confirm if my below observations are correct ?:

1. The issue is seen in newUI only.

2. The issue is not seen if in the detailed search page, the Picklist checkbox is checked (only selector type has the issue) - Workaround.

Please let me know if you have additional queries?



Posted by IramK on 25-May-2016 07:21

Hello Mani,

Thanks for confirming. Is there a date when this is expected to be fixed?


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