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Posted by Aede Hoekstra on 17-May-2016 10:19


I have the following problem: 

Object 1: contact persons, Object 2: visit report. Some context:

All contactpersons are imported from an external system. Also the visit reports can be created in the external system. At the moment a visit report is created in the external system it is published to a webservice and created in Rollbase. In Rollbase I have some triggers on to perform some actions and also to link the the contact person to the visit report. I use the rbv_api.attach to attach the contact persons to the visit report.

Now this works fine. Problem is that when I login with a language other the English the record name of the contact person is empty, so it looks like there is no contact person related:



Also when I'm logged in as Dutch the record name of the contact person is visible. Only not as the related label:

When I manually edit and save the contact person the label becomes visible in the related record. So my guess is that the record name of the contact person isn't set correctly in every language when it is imported by csv. I have 12000+ contactpersons so manually editing and saving them is not an option ;)

Any suggestions?

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Posted by Karthikeyan Bhaskaran on 24-May-2016 04:26

Aede, since we are also looking at this as a Support case, we shall follow up via SupportLink.

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