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Posted by Meryk on 12-May-2016 08:34


I have two fields fieldA and fieldB that are both lookups. fieldB is link lookup on fieldA. Both fields are rendered as Selectors on Edit page.

Now I am making them readonly (on the Edit page), this way :

$("#" + integrationName + "_taglist").parent('div').find("input").attr('style','width: 25px;display: none;'); 

$('#'+ integrationName + '_taglist' + " > input").attr('style','width: 25px;display: none;');
$("#rbi_F_" + integrationName).find('button').remove();

var listItems = $("#rbi_F_" + integrationName + " > div > div > ul").children('li');
for(var i=0; i<listItems.length; i++){

$("#rbi_F_" + integrationName + " > div").attr('style', 'border-width:0px;');
$("#rbi_F_" + integrationName + " > div > div").attr('style', 'border:none; box-shadow:none;');


Basically doing a kendo readonly, and removing the magnifying glass of the selector and the cross from the field

All this is working fine.

Now, when we click on the fieldA, it opens the record in a popup. But when we click on fieldB, it deosnt.

When I remove the link lookup between fieldA and fieldB, then clicking on fieldB opens a popup. So I assume that making it a link lookup is what causes the issue.

Could that be a bug?

Thank you


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Posted by Meryk on 12-May-2016 08:41

Hi guys,

Just realized something : This issue is there no matter if the fields are read only or not.

So please just ignore the code above. What needs to be tested is just two fields, one should be a  link lookup on the other, and try clicking on the link lookup field. And you should see the issue.



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