Configure for Kerberos Authentication .

Posted by john cruze on 10-May-2016 08:13


As per the documentation of progress rollbase for configure Kerberos Authentication( ) i have to uncomment properties "KerberosDebug and KerbeosModuleName" , however in my file only "KerberosDebug=false" is available but there is no any property with name KerbeosModuleName. please suggest me that how could i configure this...if KerbeosModuleName is mandatory for Kerberos Authentication in trail private cloud.



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Posted by Manooj Murali on 10-May-2016 08:50

Please ignore this property(KerbeosModuleName) for the moment.

Posted by john cruze on 10-May-2016 09:04

Hi Manooj,

Thanks a lot for your time and support .

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