OPTIMAL BLUE Integration Issue after RESET/UPDATE the Rollba

Posted by mansaydirect@gmail.com on 06-May-2016 17:44


We have an issue encountered after the update/reset of the Rollbase last Sunday. We have an Send HTTP post trigger that will send a request to the OPTIMAL BLUE via XML. I got a response of success but the RB fields are not mapping in the OPTIMAL BLUE New Page. It should be mapped and it is working before the UPDATE/RESET of the Progress Rollbase. I already converted my Send HTTP post trigger into a sendJSONRequest but still same response I got.


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Posted by Karthikeyan Bhaskaran on 08-May-2016 23:22
Is the code same before and after the update/reset of Rollbase? If not same, can you comment out the new code and revert to the older code and test this?
Posted by mansaydirect@gmail.com on 09-May-2016 16:58

No, nothing change with the code after the UPDATE/RESET. Please see below my HTTP post request and the code in parsing the response. The response is a URL of the record of Optimal Blue. I got a response but no one from the rb fields are mapping in the OB record. We already ask the OB Suppot and No changes have made in the their side.

Posted by Karthikeyan Bhaskaran on 31-May-2016 14:08
Can you raise a Support case for this question? Sorry for the delay in getting back on this thread.
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