Data Archiving For A Period Of Time?

Posted by ithrees on 06-May-2016 06:56

Hi All,

Is there a feature available in Rollbase to archive data in a specific period of time and that can be restored later?

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Posted by Vasantha on 06-May-2016 07:22

Hi Ithrees,

Rollbase supports "Back up and Restore" functionality to handle data backup and other disaster recovery solutions.

Go through the following documentation for more details.



Posted by Anoop Premachandran on 06-May-2016 08:12

We do not have Data Archival as a feature yet. Please post in ideas section/discuss with Product Management.

Posted by Thierry Ciot on 06-May-2016 10:21


Very interesting topic.  Could you expand a little bit on your requirements and how would you envision this to work?

Also, what is your business use case?  please describe.  Here are some sample questions:  

  1. do you want to archive to simply offload your system (consume less space/have better performance
  2. do you want better usability so that users are not encumbered by old data?
  3. And/Or do you want to archive for legal reasons?

I have worked on archival products in the past and there are potentially multiple levels of requirements - for example, I worked on archive email system where email from/to and subjects would still show in my inbox and when I would attempt to access an archive email it would tell me to wait a bit for the email to be retrieve from the archival system.  Of course these days storage space is not as costly as it used to.

For example, do you want records to still be searchable?  Do you want objects to be restored on demand or automatically

Thanks, Thierry.

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