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Posted by IramK on 06-May-2016 05:54


I have just noticed that the applications dropdown on a screen that has a smaller resolution does not scale very well and leaves some applications below the screen where I cannot access them. Zooming out does make it reappear but that's not really the solution here. I have attached the screenshots for both the cases. Please let me know when I can expect a fix for this.





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Posted by Karthikeyan Bhaskaran on 06-May-2016 07:00
Do you see this problem also on the EAP environment?
Posted by IramK on 06-May-2016 07:03

Those screenshots are from the EAP.

Posted by Thierry Ciot on 06-May-2016 10:29

The app selector is designed to work on desktop screens of 550px minimum height on both Blueprints.

For smart phones and tablets, this is not an issue as the app selector is part of the side bar and is easily swipe-able.

We don't see a min height of 550px as an issue for desktop.

What is your use case for such small desktop browser window?

thanks. Thierry.

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