Posted by Abir ben salem on 03-May-2016 02:54

hello , 

can I please integrate the scheduler from for my rollbase app ?

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Posted by Thierry Ciot on 03-May-2016 12:32

In general, you can integrate any kendo ui widgets in your app.  You do not need to add additional files.

The general recipe is to simply go to page designer and add a JavaScript component.

In this JS code you will bind an html element to kendo ui and provide a data source.

The data source is typically created with data from client side API call(s) - See

You have access to  Check the pivot grid example from the marketplace as an example of integrating a complex widget and using client side api.


PS: For other readers, there is a built-in scheduler in Rollbase (it's called Calendar - and it already leverages the kendo ui scheduler widget).  Check it out first before doing custom work.  In this post we are assuming there is a need for custom functionalities not provided by the default calendar.

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