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Posted by john cruze on 02-May-2016 07:27


For setting Kerberos Authentication i have completed first two steps given in Progress Rollbase Documentation ( that is 

1 Setting up Active Directory

2 Enabling Kerberos authentication in .

This is done , My question is when i am going for User authentication type there is no option for "Selecting Windows (Kerberos) as the authentication type" , please suggest how to go about this steps.


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Posted by srikanth kasavajhula on 02-May-2016 07:55


Can you let us now what version of Rollbase are you on ?

Posted by john cruze on 02-May-2016 08:01

Hi Srikanth,

i am using Rollbase


Posted by srikanth kasavajhula on 03-May-2016 07:42

Hi ,

Can you log into your master admin and give a screenshot of the subscription details page .

Best regards,


Posted by john cruze on 03-May-2016 08:38

Hi Srikant,

I am using rollbase evaluated version and wanted to try out the kerberos authentication process. As suggested by ( ), I could used Rollbase evaluated version for this.  Please see below the screen shot of subscription page:


Posted by Shivani Silveri on 03-May-2016 09:53

Hi John,

Kerberos Authentication is available from 4.0.4 version of Rollbase. You will have to upgrade to this or above version to use that functionality.



Posted by john cruze on 04-May-2016 07:58


Initially when i install rollbase private cloud i used rollbase version 4.1.1 ,  however when i saw in build detail on subscription detail page , i show Implementation-Version (3.2.x@10442).

Just to make sure that i am working on latest rollbase version i tried doing upgrade using this ( and saw in build detail still Implementation-Version is (3.2.x@10442). Please let me know if there is something i am missing.


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