Is there a way to disable the Run Triggers checkbox on the M

Posted by on 28-Apr-2016 22:01

I need to restrict end users from being able to disable this flag on all mass update pages to ensure triggers run or we end up with bad data in lots of some scenarios.  

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Posted by Nitin Kumar Singh on 29-Apr-2016 02:22

Hi Greg,

Right now only way to configure this option is right at mass update page. So, if a user decides to uncheck this option, we do not provide any other way to still enforce it.

However could you please add this in for enhancement section ?



Posted by Nitin Kumar Singh on 29-Apr-2016 02:50

Hi Greg,

We can also inject java script code to pragmatically disable this checkbox from being unchecked.



$("<input type='hidden' name='runTriggers' value='on'>").appendTo("#theForm");


Please copy above code, go to Mass Update Page -> Design this Page -> Script Component and add this code there.

This would disable checkbox from manipulation and always send checked value for this checkbox when clicking on Mass Update 'Save'.



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