4.0.4 - Related fields in external objects

Posted by Meryk on 26-Apr-2016 10:09


I have two external objects A and B in RB that I am building from an external table. These tables are actually VIEWS in the database.

Now I am trying to have a related field in object A, from object B. Creating the related field is allowed normally, but the field keeps coming as empty. 

I tried adding different fields as related fields in A, but they are all empty.

I did this same test with external objects mapped to external TABLES (not views, but actual tables in the DB), and it is working fine. 

Looks like the issue has something to do with the DB VIEWS.

Any help with that please?



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Posted by Thierry Ciot on 26-Apr-2016 21:44

In what DB system and version are the views defined?

This will help QA try to reproduce your issue.

thanks, Thierry.

Posted by Shivani Silveri on 27-Apr-2016 01:58

Hi Meryk,

I have created a DB view and I could fetch the related fields without any issue. I have tried for both varchar() and int datatypes.

Can you confirm on what version of Rollbase you are facing this issue?



Posted by Meryk on 27-Apr-2016 03:25

Hi guys,

DB system is MySQL and Rollbase version we are using now is 4.0.4



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