Service Catalog Error : Error accessing URI Please check URI

Posted by john cruze on 19-Apr-2016 07:35


I am trying to create  A new Object (with Tab) from an External Metadata and click on create and select  OpenEdge Service and click on next . here i have a JSDO catalog ( DemoServiceProjectService.json ) and Service URI ( http://localhost:8980/DemoServiceProjectService ) when i click on next get an error " Service Catalog Error : Error accessing URI Please check URI and credentials " Please suggest how to go about this data.


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Posted by egarcia on 19-Apr-2016 08:16


I see that you are using http://localhost:8980, this reference is only available to your own machine.

Are you using a private copy of Rollbase running on your own machine?

If your private copy of Rollbase is running on a different machine on your network then you would either need to use the DNS name for the machine or an IP address.

If you are using Rollbase public cloud, then you would need to use a DNS name or IP address available on the internet.

I hope this helps.

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