[4.0.4] - rbv_api.setFieldValue() used with external objects

Posted by Meryk on 19-Apr-2016 06:15


I have an object B mapped to an external table. Object B is kind of a replication/copy of another object A.

In a trigger in object A, I am updating the record B that needs to be changed. So whenever we create or update a record of A, we do the same with B.

The issue I am facing now, is the updating : in that trigger in A (that runs after create), I am doing :

var ID = 67; // 67 is the id of one record in B

rbv_api.setFieldValue('integrationNameofObjectB', ID, 'fieldToUpadte', 'value');

This keeps returning :  " Object B with id 67 not found ". Knowing that I have a record with this Id 67.

This worked some time back but I am not sure when this issue started. Also while mapping object B to that external table, I had to change the integration name of the field ID to something like 'xxxId'.

Is that a problem? I thought maybe rbv_api.setFieldValue is looking for a field called 'id' to compare against.

Any suggestions please?



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