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Posted by Mohammed Siraj on 13-Apr-2016 05:16

In Record view pages, user can enable tabs. Also, decide whether Tabs are to be loaded on first selection using Ajax or immediately loaded on navigating to record view page. 

Starting v4.2, on rendering each tab as per user configurred settings, we will fire a custom event i.e. rb.newui.util.customEvents.rbs_initialTabRender


Event Data:

  • index: Tab Index
  • tabEl: jQuery object for Tabstrip Container element
  • contentEl: jQuery object for this Tab's Container element.


rb.newui.util.addEventListener(rb.newui.util.customEvents.rbs_initialTabRender, function(event,eventData){

    console.log('Loaded tab: '+eventData.index);


Note: This change is available as part of Release 4.2 EAP Update 4.

Important Pointers:

  • This event should be preferered over document.ready or onload events, for any customizations within a Page Tab.
  • Note that it will be fired on rendering each tab. For any specific tab listener, employ checks on tab index.

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