Access Denied - You do not have permission to access this re

Posted by anaid on 12-Apr-2016 15:57

We have set up a role and can see the Volunteer object does have the appropriate permissions:

However, we are not able to see any records under the Volunteer object view:

When we click on a Volunteer record that is on a different object, we receive the following message.

We already checked every route we could to track this down but no solution. Please someone assist.


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Posted by Mani Kumar on 13-Apr-2016 09:16

Hello Diana,

Could you please share your application xml to troubleshoot further ?



Posted by anaid on 13-Apr-2016 13:39

Hi Mani,

Here is the application XML



Posted by Mani Kumar on 29-Apr-2016 03:59

I see below error when installing application, can you please correct and re-send the application xml again?

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