assign calculated grid row value into field

Posted by john cruze on 06-Apr-2016 05:20

Hello All,

can any one suggest that how can i assign calculated grid row value into field of another object.

let say i have two object  Obj1 and Obj2 .

Obj1 has relationship ( one  Obj1 to many Obj2 ) and field of Obj2 is rating configured in grid now

i calculate sum of all rating using  


function getSum()


var sum=rbf_sumGridColumn2(0, "rating");



and i want value of sum should be assigned into Avg field of Obj1 .

i use rbf_setFieldValue('Avg ' , sum ); but didn't get any result.


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Posted by Shiva Duriseati on 11-Apr-2016 04:54

Hi John,

Can you please make use of the existing thread below?

I have attached sample app.xml for your reference in the above mentioned thread.



Posted by Manooj Murali on 11-Apr-2016 04:57

This seems like a duplicate of

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