API to Reset / Remove Grid control rows?

Posted by ithrees on 05-Apr-2016 23:33

Hi All,

Is there any API available to reset the grid control or to delete all the rows and to refresh the grid control?

I have a situation where I should be able clear everything in the grid control and to start fresh when I click on 'Reset' button without reloading the page. I wonder whether is there any other simple way to do this rather than deleting one by one or loop through all the rows and call the api to delete it. 

Thanks in advance,

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Posted by Shiva Duriseati on 06-Apr-2016 08:36

Hi ithrees,

Its a good idea to have a grid similar to Kendo Grid where we can search, selecting all records and pagination etc. We have it in our future roadmap.

Until this is available , please use the following code as you mentioned in your query.

function resetGrid(){

  var noOfRows=rbf_getMaxRowIndex2(0);

  for(var rowIndex=0;rowIndex<=noOfRows;rowIndex++){

  rbf_delGridRow(0, rowIndex);



I would suggest you to post this enhancement through the Progress Community via an Ideas submission.

For detailed information on how to submit an Idea please visit our knowledgebase at: [View:http://knowledgebase.progress.com/articles/Article/P11255:550:50]



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