Professional Build and Deploy Custom Web Apps $24/month/user

Posted by RustyPipe on 04-Apr-2016 11:51

Under roll base private cloud pricing I find,
"Rollbase Pricing Progress Rollbase is offered as both a hosted service and a licensed product Hosted and Private Cloud"

"Private CloudProfessional Build and Deploy Custom Web Apps $24 /month/user  Build and deploy enterprise class applications which can be accessed by large numbers of external users Unlimited Apps Core Platform ISV Services Mgmt and Monitoring Tools Community, Web and Phone Support Horizontal scaling of server components to provide failover & increased availability $1000/month minimum"

So to go this way it's going to cost me  $1000/month minimum to get started down the private cloud route? or am I reading this wrong.


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Posted by ajsharma on 04-Apr-2016 13:27

So I understood you looking for Private cloud ISV plan which is $1000/month minimum and we understand that ISV need time to build their and get started so we offer initial 3 months of waiver for ISVs.

Please let me know if I can help you further on the same.

Posted by RustyPipe on 04-Apr-2016 16:20

Many thanks for your answer much appreciated.

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