Why multi-server waiting too long to upload tenant to prod s

Posted by tawatchai on 31-Mar-2016 12:19


I used  Private Cloud,  V4.0.6.3 and and deploy on  multi-server . By  separate master and prod on different machine. 

When try to logon using Tenant user , it waiting at least 30 seconds or more. What happend for this architecture ? 


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Posted by Anoop Premachandran on 01-Apr-2016 01:32

Can you share components.xml ? We support Master and PROD in separate machines, infact opur Public Cloud configuration is done that way.

Posted by tawatchai on 01-Apr-2016 03:49


Hi Anoop,

   Please find attached. From my environment - when first user login tenant will load into prod server which take  quite long waiting time.

I need to know more about tenant loading into prod server . eg.

What kinds of data rollbase load into prod server ?

How rollbase assign tenant loading for each prod server ?

Does the rollbase remember tenant loaded with prod server or not ?

Can I change my config (components,xml) to reduce number of prod servers and restart master ?

If yes, when we change compoenent.xml , Do we need to restart Apache WebServer (worker list and  mod_jk) or not ? 



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