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Posted by IramK on 31-Mar-2016 04:16


So basically I have faced this issue quite a few times and it is a bit annoying when trying to write some code on the design of the page.


I open the new page, go to the Design of that page, add a script component and keep writing some code for lets say 30 minutes or more without saving in the middle while I am referring to some documents. Once I am done writing I code and click save, it says "This request has already been processed" and I lose all that code that I have been writing for about half an hour or more. Is there a timeout that does this? If so, could we possibly either stop this from happening or have an option of auto-save so that in case if we do extend beyond the timeout period, some part of our code has atleast been saved. What is the best solution in this scenario (apart from copying all the code before saving)?



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Posted by Rajkumar Mateti on 11-Apr-2016 01:20

Hi IramK,

We have logged a defect for this.

And The best way is we can use the Hosted files to write the JS code.



Posted by IramK on 11-Apr-2016 03:31

Hello Rajkumar,

With regards to Hosted files, there are two issues with that.

1) The Hosted file section does not have a script editor like the script components do.

2) Secondly we lose the view for the fields, their integration names and tokens etc when trying to use a Hosted File for this purpose.

This doesn't really sound like a great alternative but an OK workaround for now. Is there a tentative date when I could expect this to be fixed in please?



Posted by charltonsantana1 on 11-Apr-2016 03:57

Hi Iram,

First point: 

Instead of using hosted files, I tend to use FTP on one of our hosted servers so we can open the file we need in either Brackets or Atom quickly. This also means we can easily update the file and have it store backups in drop-box so we can quickly rollback when needed.

For your second point, here is what I have ended up doing to get the tokens to use for an external js script.

//Store Values in Array - On the 'design this page'.

var tokens = {

 pullLinkFull: "{!#LINK.Fitting#action166615421}",

 quickEditNew: "{!#LINK.Fitting#165726091}",  

 quickEditNewId: getParameterFromUrl('pageId', "{!#LINK.Fitting#165726091}"),


Then use getScript

$.getScript( "", function( data, textStatus, jqxhr ) {


When the script is loaded it is able to use the tokens array.

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