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Posted by john cruze on 28-Mar-2016 03:57

hello all,

how can i count all the person whose role is "User" in Rollbase and assign it into Y-axis of FusionChart . 

any help..?


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Posted by Saraswathi Krishnan on 28-Mar-2016 05:02

Dear John,

In the Rollbase App, select the 'User' tab and go to the object definition page of 'Users'

Select the 'Charts' link

It takes you to the 'Charts' section

Click on the 'New Chart' button

in the 'New Chart' page

In the 'X-axis' drop down select the field 'User Role'

In the 'Y-axis' it automatically shows the entry in the drop down list as '# of users'

Click on the 'Next' button

Enter an appropriate name for the chart

Select the style as 'Column 3D'

In the 'View for Drill-Down' select 'All users'

Click on the 'Save' button

It takes you back to the object definition page.

Click on the 'Charts' link

click on the Chart name you created above in the 'Charts' section.

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