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Posted by Wim on 27-Mar-2016 12:40


We generated an application for vehicletyre management. Most of the objects should only be readable for the 'standard' user.

However in the order object a lot of objects come together like vehicletype, ordertype, contracttype, tyresize, tyretype, etc. Al the standard users can 'see' the relation between the order and the mentioned related objects. But also the hyperlinks leads them to the specific object when they click on it. That is not wat we like to see. We managed some extra fields to avoid that behaviour, with the type 'expression' field.

Would it be possible to make a difference in the behaviour that if a user has only read-rights the hyperlink (as based on the related object) will not lead him to that specific object, where a 'application owner' role does. Meaning that in the definition of the objects like read, write, etc per role it would also be possible to decide that that specific role may read but the hyperlink will not 'work/guide to that specific object' for those roles. Maybe there is a work around instead of 'expression' fields, because adding expression fields to the objects looks a bit 'overdone'. Of course the read functionality through combo boxes or lookup needs to stay available, so selection can be made. But afterwords the 'hyperlink' should be ignored or left away for the specific role. Hope to hear your commands on this.

Regards, Wim

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Posted by Manooj Murali on 31-Mar-2016 06:44

Hi -

Currently, we always show the link but upon clicking, we evaluate their access permissions and show the related record's details if all is ok, otherwise shown and error in the UI. In our recent release 4.0.6 we enabled conditional view permissions on a field per role which can be used to show/hide a field based on a condition. You can have a look at this ( documentation.progress.com/.../ ) and see if that might help in your case.

Also, can you please post your suggestion on our ideas/enhancements section here community.progress.com/.../rollbase



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