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Posted by mzhalbyrov on 27-Mar-2016 11:56

I have lookup field rendered as picklist on New Page.

How to select value by default on onLoad Page?

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Posted by Shiva Duriseati on 29-Mar-2016 02:22


Please specify a function in "onLoad" event handler by following the below navigation.

Object Definition->Pages->New->Properties

Add a script component in the new record page by using desgin the page and define the function as follows.


   function selectValue(){

      rbf_setFieldValue("R15390", "15401");



R15390 Is the integration name of the lookup filed and 15401 is the record ID of the specific picklist value.

Please find the screenshots



Posted by mzhalbyrov on 29-Mar-2016 05:08

Hi Shiva,

Thank you for your reply.

I can't use rbf_setFieldValue because i don't know wich value will be first field.

I need select default first value of picklist rendered from lookup field.

I do by Keno UI api:

var dropdownlist = $("#dropdownlist").data("kendoDropDownList");;




Posted by Mohammed Siraj on 29-Mar-2016 05:21

Prefer,  rbf_getFieldContext('dropdownlist').getKendoConfig() to access kendo widget configuration objects. Instead of directly querying for widget type.

That is,

var dropdownlist = rbf_getFieldContext('dropdownlist').getKendoConfig();

//where 'dropdownlist' is field integration name

Instead of:

var dropdownlist = $("#dropdownlist").data("kendoDropDownList");

This way, client-code will be imprevious of any widget implementation changes.

Posted by mzhalbyrov on 29-Mar-2016 10:29

Hi Siraj,

Thank you! I'll try it.



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