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Posted by Wim on 26-Mar-2016 11:10

How can we change the Transaction Isolation Level on our Rollbase Application with Progress database

Need urgent help because we cannot delete an expression field that was made by mistake on a object with > 500.000 records.

The systems keeps on telling us that the lock table is full. We also do not now where and how to increase the -L parameter.

Need urgent help, regards, Wim

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Posted by Mani Kumar on 26-Mar-2016 11:40


You can set this in the databases.xml file as below:

<Database name="RB" isDefault="yes" isExternal="no"


MaxConnections="10" MaxInUseConnTimeMins="30"

MaxNotUsedConnTimeMins="1" MaxConnLifetimeMins="60"

TxIsolation="2" useTxRecovery="yes">





<Password>my_password </Password>


TxIsolation="2" refers to the isolation transaction level in rollbase.

Please be sure about the usage and functioning of each level before you change or refer related databases manual for respective details (Request not to change this value if you are not completely aware of it)

Also, can you share the stack and scenario to reproduce for our further investigation?



Posted by Wim on 26-Mar-2016 13:42
Hello Mani,
We are facing the following issue:
There is an object called ‘vehicletyres’ with approx 500.000 records.
During an object script trigger that was created to run in order to update a specific field, we noticed an error on one of three (different) expression fields in the same object that the system also updates due to running the objectscript update trigger. There is a ‘lock table is full message’ that occurs when we want to delete the three expression field that we don’t need anymore.
Now surveying the documentation we saw the possibility of transaction isolation and we were hoping that this would solve the lock table message.
You are right; we are in need of a solution, but the transaction isolation function is completely new for us.
Maybe the –L parameter can also be ingreased, but we dont no where the file is where the –L can be set.
Hopefully you can help.
Thanks in advance.
Wim Hassink
Posted by murali on 27-Mar-2016 07:14
Look for  <databasename>.pf  file in a of the subfolder or  OE  WRK folder
It would typically look like this :
# Server startup parameters file for the rbdb database
# Generated on Tue 02/17/2015 at 14:15:16.42
# Though generated, you may modify it as desired
-db rbdb
-S 8911
-n 210
-Mn 8
-Ma 25
-Mi 25
-minport 10001
-maxport 10200
-SQLStmtCache 1000
-maxAreas 100
-B 200000
-lruskips 100
-spin 10000
-L 200000
-bibufs 20
-aibufs 20
# -pica 1000000
# end
You’ll have to restart OE db after the change.
As a reference... Last line of my   startdb.bat looks like this
call proserve -pf
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