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Posted by Wim on 25-Mar-2016 07:12

In former releases one could describe the decimal seperator on field creation. The Dutch have an oddly way of displaying the field, namely they would use a 'komma' as separator. However they work on EN keybord layouts. Meaning that the numlock-numeric keybord part will be used and even on using the 'dot' it was possible to display a 'komma' instead when the record was saved. Again that was when one could define the fields decimal separator for each field.

In this version only the settings (my localisations) can be used and therefore they above function is no longer available.

In what way is there a work around?

Second question: in localisation only the decimal value kan be set on decimal field disolay, there is no possible setting for numeric fields, e.g. if one does not want to work with a Thousand 'dot' on those numeric fields, but one does on decimal fields there is no difference that one can make. So we would need a display format for only numeric field value's.

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Posted by Manooj Murali on 25-Mar-2016 07:21

Hi -

The localization settings is the only place where you can set the numeric format for a numeric (integer / decimal) field in Rollbase. We are currently offering all popular English/European numeric formats.

If you would like the numeric formats to be only applicable for decimal but not for integer fields then you can still just uncheck the checkbox that says 'Enable Grouping' on the integer field. This will turn off any formatting for the integer field and the selected numeric formatting shall be only applicable for decimal and other integer fields that have "Enable Grouping" checked.


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