Found ICustomer is null in catalina.out after disk full

Posted by tawatchai on 24-Mar-2016 05:07

I found error message ICustoer is null after disk full. And after that rollbase all teneats cannot invoke rest API anymore.

Private Cloud version

What is  ICustomer  ? And how can I fix  this? 

Thank you.

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Posted by Manooj Murali on 24-Mar-2016 05:09

hi -

Can you please share the stacktrace/log?


Posted by tawatchai on 24-Mar-2016 05:41

Hi -

please find in attached & lookinfor  "ICustomer is null". 

We are on training user  with our application. But cannot use it. Because when application send rest request to RB. It can work for 2 -3 requests after that REST  are not response any other requests.


We have no backup DBa also.

Is there any way to patch into DB to allow us to use 

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