calculate sum of an object field

Posted by navjot on 23-Mar-2016 02:08

Hello all,

how can i calculate sum of an object's field.. i have two object named "Emp" and "Mgr" , Emp's  field are EmNum and EmWeighted . here i want to calculate sum of EmWeighted in "Mgr" object .

any help...?


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Posted by Manooj Murali on 23-Mar-2016 02:12

Hi -

Create a formula field in Mgr object and using the #CALC_COUNT on the related employee field. Refer to for more information on how to use the group functions.


Posted by navjot on 23-Mar-2016 02:22


yes i create a formula field like   ***  return #CALC_SUM.Weighted ( 1 | true );  ****

and when i am debuging  formula an error comes like "Cannot find relationship Weighted"


Posted by Vasantha on 30-Mar-2016 05:54
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