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Posted by neetuagrawal on 22-Mar-2016 18:37


I have developed the application with two objects : Strategy (Object with list of questions as fields) and Portal User (Object with Portal user attribute).

End User would be able to login in RB Portal and can create multiple strategies in their account. 

I have created another page in Portal of type Object Selector Page.

What I am trying to achieve is to show only the list of strategies created by Current Portal User.

I have tried to create new View with the filter of current portal user but Rollbase doesn't provide it. It does provide the filter only for current user.

Please help me to achieve the above.



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Posted by Manooj Murali on 23-Mar-2016 02:05

Hi -

Can you try with the filter on createBy equating to '{!#CURR_VISIT.name}' token. We have some tokens available in the platform to get the current portal visitor's context specified here documentation.progress.com/.../ .


Posted by neetuagrawal on 23-Mar-2016 09:12

Hi Manooj,

Rollbase is not giving me option to select CURR_VISITOR. It is only providing CURR_USER option.

Posted by Manooj Murali on 24-Mar-2016 05:13

Hi -

This '{!#CURR_VISIT.name}' is a token and cannot be assigned directly to say a 'createdBy' field. For example, you can assign this token as a value for an expression field (in strategy object) whose value will be the name of the portal user who created the strategy object in the view.


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