What is impact to new/existing tenant if I set AllowAdminLes

Posted by tawatchai on 22-Mar-2016 13:15

As I read from user guide, ther is less information about this setting. 

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Posted by Karthikeyan Bhaskaran on 24-Mar-2016 00:38

Hello Tawatchai, Setting the value of AllowAdminLessTenant value to true alone is not going to have any effect - only when a user installs an application having a post-install script to alter the default role (as in the documentation), the effects will be seen upon installing the application. The role for the Administrator user will be modified as per the role configured in the post-install script. In 4.0.6 onwards, users can configure a post-install script with an application. The documentation has a script to change the default Administrator role to a different custom role. Refer documentation: documentation.progress.com/.../4.0.6-new-and-revised-features.html So, if such an application is installed as part of a new tenant creation, the first user in the new tenant will be assigned this role and not Administrator. (In previous releases, we had Administrator as the default and the only role). Setting this parameter to true be necessary for this functionality to work. NOTE: In 4.0.6, it looks like the parameter does not have any impact, but this has been fixed for 4.1. Hope this helps. Thanks, Karthikeyan

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