Question about Background batch job in Rollbase

Posted by tawatchai on 20-Mar-2016 09:09

As far as I know batch job or background job in rollbase run in sequential manner.  Is this a behavior in batch rollbase  ?

How about batch for each tenant ? Because I designed to have night run batch job for each tenant to start in the same cut-off time.  Any idea to handle this processing scheme ?



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Posted by Manooj Murali on 21-Mar-2016 02:13

Hi Tawatchai -

The batch job's do run in a sequential manner for all tenants at the moment. We are planning to introduce per tenant queue to fix this limitation in the upcoming releases (probably Q3)


Posted by Karthikeyan Bhaskaran on 21-Mar-2016 23:12
Hello Tawatchai, Do you have any further questions?
Posted by tawatchai on 01-Apr-2016 00:11


Yes. Currently , I'm in user acceptance testing phase with private cloud

For my migration approach, Imy team create app for import data via REST API bulk_create. And it very very slow . My CSV file have 354 record. and It running in batch more Check from application access to object.)

Do you have any sugesstion on this.



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