(Urgent) Date field is not displaying in Filter

Posted by anu31221@gmail.com on 19-Mar-2016 18:05

Suddenly Date field got disappear from View Filter criteria.

steps to reproduce

1.Create Object

2. Add Date field

3. Create and include Date Field with criteria like less than or equal to TODAY.

4. After saving go back to edit.

5. Date field will be not visible in View Filter.

Need your to close this ASAP, its impacting the customer where suddently they started seeing all the task instead of what need to work on today.

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Posted by murali on 20-Mar-2016 07:16
Hi, I tried with
                A filter where   myDate <  TODAY
                Added ‘myDate <  TODAY’  as an adhoc filter to another existing view.
                The filtering is not going away. I mean, I’m unable to reproduce it.
                Could you please add more details to your steps?
Posted by anu31221@gmail.com on 20-Mar-2016 23:30

here is the video created with error

: https://youtu.be/Rp0LY0qj3tE  

Can you also send the Ticketing system User name in email. vini@cendanceinc.com

Posted by Vimalkumar Selvaraj on 20-Mar-2016 23:37


We fixed this issue on 4.0.6 .. Could you confirm us what is the Rollbase version you are running?.



Posted by Anoop Premachandran on 21-Mar-2016 02:13

Cendance is on public cloud- so

We are able to reproduce this now - Logged 37197 bug.

Will be fixed in this weekend's release (March 26)

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