is rollbase supports oracle11.0g?

Posted by shilpi.agarwal3373 on 16-Mar-2016 05:18

Can I install rollbase with oracle11.0G database version ? Is rollbase supports the oracle 11.0G? 

Please see the below link-

the link is specfying that rollbase supports Oracle 11gr2.. (11.2G) So my question is Can We install rollbase with Oracle 11.0g as backend? 

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Posted by Karthikeyan Bhaskaran on 17-Mar-2016 03:37

Oracle 11gR2 is the only version that has been tested and certified to work with Rollbase.

Even if no issues come up during development  /testing phase in your environment, there is no guarantee that none would come up later. Also, for the production environment, you will need to use only the Supported version. It would only be best to also setup Dev/Test environment on the same platform.

Request you to use only the supported version Oracle 11gr2.

Posted by shilpi.agarwal3373 on 17-Mar-2016 04:16

Thanks for this information.

Posted by shilpi.agarwal3373 on 17-Mar-2016 04:17

very useful to me.

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