I need to know the right way for access to USER by other ro

Posted by tanagorns@progress.in.th on 16-Mar-2016 02:45


          In RB private cloud V4.0.3.1 . I created new role for management user without Administrator Role which I need to assign  new role to user but the new role cannot access USER account in my rollbase. So I checked all permission to RB App and user Object but it not work!!

What happend and I need to know the right way for access  to USER by other role without Administrator Role.

Thanks in advance

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Posted by Mani Kumar on 16-Mar-2016 03:49

Hi Tanagorn,

I understand from your comments that you've created a non-administrative user role and you would like that user with new role to have access or should be able to view the Users(as administrator). Is my understanding correct on this?

If Yes, please refer to below community post :




Posted by Anoop Premachandran on 17-Mar-2016 09:17

If you upgrade to latest version ( we have a new Permission called "Manage Users" which you can use to give non-admin users ability to create/edit users.

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